implant dentures on manPatients often voice concerns about feeling tied down to a tedious care routine with their traditional dentures. They also feel embarrassed when their prosthetic device falls out during mealtime. Not to mention, the restrictive limitations on your diet can put your favorite foods off-limits. If you’re tired of the lengthy maintenance or the limitations you experience with your dentures, then it’s time you discuss implant dentures with Holland, PA dentist Dr. Gary Nack. By placing a few implants into your jawbone, Dr. Nack can eliminate the concerns you have with your traditional dentures. After this procedure, your prosthetic teeth are securely fastened to the titanium posts, which give you the freedom to eat and speak with ease. Implant dentures also maintain the health of your mouth better than traditional prosthetics, which helps you avoid problems in the future.

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All About Dental Implants

In order to qualify for implant surgery, you must have a strong jawbone. This is important because your bone will integrate and support the dental implants. At your consultation with Dr. Nack, he will examine the condition of your mouth to determine if you’re fit for this surgery.

A titanium post is inserted into your bone during this procedure. The post resembles a small screw. Through a process called osseointegration, the post will become one with your bone, gums, and mouth. This process usually takes 4-6 months, but offers a lifetime of benefits. Dr. Nack will create your prosthetic device to appear natural and fit comfortably in your mouth. After the allotted healing period, he will fasten your dentures to the screws.

Implant Dentures Make Eating Easy

It’s embarrassing when you try to take a bite of your dinner and your dentures slip loose in your mouth. Unlike traditional dentures, implant supported prosthetics are securely attached, eliminating the risk of them falling out during mealtime. Furthermore, you’ll regain the freedom to eat anything you’d like when you switch to implant dentures. This means you can enjoy that juicy steak, without having any trouble chewing.

Your implant dentures will firmly be fixed in your mouth; therefore, you won’t experience rubbing and irritation on your gums when wearing them. We have found that patients are more likely to wear their implant dentures because they fit comfortably in their mouth.

Implant Dentures Are Easy to Care For

There’s nothing worse than feeling tied down by a lengthy bedtime routine. At the end of a long day, you want to relax in bed, not spend valuable time maintaining the condition of your dentures. Implant dentures still require daily cleaning, however the process is simpler than traditional dentures. Dr. Nack recommends brushing your dentures every night, just as you would your natural teeth. While you’re doing this, you should brush your gums and implants as well. Next comes flossing. Gently floss around each implant post to remove any food particles they may have gotten stuck. Then you can relax in bed comfortably.

Implant Dentures Maintain Your Appearance

Aside from the obvious, implant dentures maintain your appearance by reducing your risk of facial collapse. When your missing teeth are left untreated, your jawbone begins to weaken as bone tissue is reabsorbed. Implant dentures with Dr. Nack preserve your facial appearance by stimulating your bone-supporting processes, so you’ll never face that diminishing jawbone look.

When you decide to switch to implant dentures, you can rest easy knowing that your restoration will appear natural. Your dentures won’t look fake or too big, but instead blend with your mouth. You can expect a beautiful, healthy looking smile after receiving implant dentures with Dr. Nack.

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