Holland Dentist Explains Long-Lasting Teeth Whitening Treatment

teeth whiteningThere are many methods to enhancing the color of your smile. Store-bought products are easily accessible, yet are not known for providing long-lasting and effective results. Professional teeth whitening in your dentist’s office delivers safer and faster results, but will require ongoing treatment to maintain results. Holland, PA dentist Dr. Gary Nack uses KöR Deep Bleaching to provide long-lasting, dramatic whitening results. This teeth whitening treatment incorporates in-office and at-home methods to offer long-term results. If you’re searching for an easy, jaw-dropping way to transform your smile and increase your appearance and confidence, then look no further.

External and internal stains ruin the appearance of your teeth. A brighter, whiter smile appears healthier and is a great way to boost self-confidence. Call 215-364-6540 to schedule your Holland teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Nack.

All About Stains

There are two forms of dental stains: internal and external. Internal stains, also known as intrinsic dental staining, often result from certain medications, such as tetracycline antibiotics. These stains are difficult to remove with teeth whitening and often require other forms of cosmetic treatments to conceal imperfections. However, KöR Deep Bleaching is the only professional teeth whitening method that has proven effective for reducing these deep-rooted stains.

External stains (extrinsic stains), caused by the dark-colored foods and drinks we consume, such as red wine, coffee, tea, and dark berries can be significantly reduced in color (or completely removed) through both in-office or take-home whitening treatments. KöR Deep Bleaching whitening treatments can also address lackluster teeth caused by the natural age progression and certain lifestyle habits, such as smoking.

What is KöR Deep Bleaching?

Dr. Nack will begin your teeth whitening treatment by taking a dental impression of your smile. From the impression, customized whitening trays are created. The impression ensures a comfortable fit for your specific mouth shape. Dr. Nack combines the refrigerated whitening gel and the trays to dramatically whiten your teeth six to ten shades lighter.

In order to receive the most beneficial results, you will need to wear the trays and whitening gel for six to ten hours a day. Dr. Nack recommends wearing the trays while you sleep so that they don’t interfere with your daily life. The trays act as a seal to block out salvia, which can diminish the bleaching effect of the whitening gel. Smiles with only external stains can expect a treatment plan of approximately two weeks, however internally stained smiles can take six to eight weeks to enhance tooth color.

KöR Deep Bleaching differs from alternative teeth whitening methods because the whitening gel must remain a certain temperature in order to work properly. In order to ensure this, bleaching gels are delivered on dry ice and only when we are in the office to accept the package. Dr. Nack orders a new package for each patient so that he or she receives the best results.
Long-Lasting Results

Perhaps the best factor of this whitening treatment is the longevity of the results. Unlike alternative professional teeth whitening treatments, KöR Deep Bleaching results are permanent with regular touch ups. Dr. Nack performs touch-ups in his office. After your initial treatment, we will recommend the number of touch-ups necessary for maintaining your results. This is highly dependent on how well your teeth accept the whitening gel.

Who Qualifies for KöR Deep Bleaching?

Many professional treatments are only suitable for adults, however KöR can be used to whiten both teenage and adult smiles. Patients are often amazed when they find out that KöR Deep Bleaching is safe for patients as young as 14.

If you have relatively good oral health, but want a brighter smile, then you’re an ideal candidate for this treatment. If you have poor oral health or struggle from dental sensitivity, speak with Dr. Nack about the other options available. In some cases, you may still qualify.

For more information about our long-lasting teeth whitening treatment, call 215-364-6540 today to schedule an appointment with Holland, PA dentist Dr. Nack.


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