Holland Porcelain Veneers Completely Change Smile Appearance

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porcelain veneer smileIf there were a way to completely revolutionize your smile in just two dental visits, would you go for it? Holland, PA dentist Dr. Gary Nack offers porcelain veneers for just that. In two visits, Dr. Nack completely alters the appearance of your smile, enhancing confidence and oral health in the process. Many patients are requesting dental veneers to establish a bright, beautiful, Hollywood-worthy smile. Dr. Nack bonds a porcelain shell onto an imperfect tooth to conceal flaws and create a healthy-looking smile.

Are you interested in instantly transforming your smile? Call 215-364-6540 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nack in Holland, PA to discuss how porcelain veneers will improve your appearance.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?  

Dr. Nack creates veneers from porcelain to provide patients with a stain resistant enhancement that resembles the color and shape of a natural tooth. He will construct a thin shell and bond it to the visible portion of an unattractive tooth. This procedure is permanent; therefore the results will last a lifetime. If you’re unsure about porcelain veneers, Dr. Nack recommends dental bonding as a placeholder. Bonding is ideal for patients with minor flaws. If you like your results, you can schedule your veneer appointment to receive a permanent correction.

Veneers and Stained Smiles

Dental staining takes two forms: external and internal. External stains result from dark-colored foods and drinks. Most patients develop external stains from drinking coffee, tea, and red wine. In many cases, store-bought and professional whitening treatments effectively remove these imperfections. Internal stains are more difficult to correct. KöR Deep Bleaching, the professional whitening treatment offered in our office, improves the appearance of internally stained smiles.

Sometimes internal stains don’t respond to professional treatment, in which case Dr. Nack can place a porcelain veneer over the severely discolored tooth to conceal the imperfection. Each veneer is specially crafted to blend beautifully within your smile.

Veneers and Oddly Shaped Teeth

An oddly shaped tooth stands out from the rest and ruins your smile appearance. Dr. Nack uses a dental veneer to cover the existing shape of a flawed tooth. He contours the veneer into a more appealing shape and then bonds it to the tooth.

If a tooth is shorter than others, he will use a veneer t create a longer appearance. Dental veneers are strong and sturdy and last 20 to 30 years with proper care. Maintaining your veneers is simple, just brush and floss twice a day as you would natural teeth.

Veneers: Instant Orthodontics

Traditional braces take a minimum of two years to produce results. Many adult patients decide against braces because they’re unattractive and extremely noticeable. Invisalign® is conspicuous, but must be worn for 9-15 months to effectively improve crooked smiles. For patients who want a straighter smile, but can’t commit to lengthy treatment, Dr. Nack recommends dental veneers.

Veneers are often used as instant orthodontics for slightly misaligned teeth. Dr. Nack bonds thin, porcelain shells over improperly positioned teeth to create a straighter-looking smile. Although teeth don’t actually move in this procedure, the appearance of your smile will drastically change in two simple dental visits.

Dental veneers correct chipped, broken, fractured, and gapped smiles as well.

We’re ready to give you a show-stopping smile, are you? Schedule your appointment in Holland, PA today. Call 215-364-6540 to learn more about dental veneers with Dr. Nack.

Our Holland, PA dental office serves patients from Village Shires, Feasterville-Trevose, and Southampton, as well as Buck County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia County.


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