5 Inspirations for Your Smile Makeover

By January 26, 2018Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

smile makeoverDr. Gary Nack meets many cosmetic dentistry patients who are not happy with the state of their smiles. For healthy teeth that are starting to show their imperfections, smile makeovers can give you the confidence to show your teeth for photographs again. Here are five smile makeover approaches that may help you focus in on your smile goals, and identify what you’d like to fix.

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If you’re dissatisfied with your smile, it can be hard to identify the precise element you want to correct. If you have one stained tooth that stands out or an incisor that’s too small—those things are easy to identify and change. Sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on the issue that bothers you. Some of these strategies may help you define your aesthetic goals before your smile makeover consultation.

Smooth Out Those Arch Lines

If your teeth look like a bar chart, you may be dreaming of more even arches. Having teeth of multiple different lengths can make your smile look feral or childish. Both bonding and porcelain veneers can correct the length of one or several teeth.

Shape Up

Sometimes the shape of one or many teeth may be inconsistent. Overly pointy canines or squared incisors don’t always fit in with the rest of your teeth. Multiple tooth shapes can sometimes cause gaps at the tops, near the gum line. Bonding and contouring treatments can sometimes address this issue, as the bonded tooth can be reshaped to your preferences. Gum contouring can also improve the aesthetic shape of your teeth, by changing the lines at the top.

Go Metal-Free

One of the greatest pet-peeves of patients 35 and older is the presence of metal amalgam fillings in the molars. They may not be visible when you smile, but they are definitely noticeable when you laugh and sing. If you enjoy breaking into song and laughing with friends, you may want to have your metal fillings swapped out for tooth-colored fillings.

Quit Shoving!

If your teeth look crowded together, it can leave you with a busy, crooked-looking grin. Orthodontic treatments can correct misaligned teeth, sometimes in as little as just 12 months. Dr. Nack provides metal braces as well as Invisalign, which is ideal for a crowded-looking smile. Not up for braces? Depending on the extent of your alignment issues, porcelain veneers can make your teeth look even and straight in just a couple of weeks.

Start Fresh

If you’ve ever wished you could just start from scratch and build yourself a whole new smile, there’s good news! Porcelain veneers can do precisely that. Veneers can change everything about your teeth: size, shape, length, color, and texture. If you are dreaming of big changes, bring pictures of your “dream smile” to share with Dr. Nack at your smile makeover consultation.

Porcelain veneers are extremely thin shells of dental porcelain that are as strong as your own enamel. They are designed to your preferences and then fabricated in a dental laboratory to fit perfectly over your teeth. They do cost a bit more than other treatments, but they are a permanent alteration to your smile.

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