KöR® Deep BleachingTM

KöR® Deep BleachingTM Can Permanently Erase both Internal and External Dental Stains

Dr. Gary Nack is committed to providing the most advanced options in every area of his practice. Therefore, along with cutting-edge technology, he also provides state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures, such as KöR Deep Bleaching. This innovative treatment combines in-office and at-home whitening methods for dramatic and long-lasting results. Dr. Nack will provide a complete consultation at his Holland, PA, office. At this time, he can explain the benefits of KöR and help you decide if it is right for you.

Are You a Candidate for KöR?

If you have generally good oral health, but you want to erase dental stains, you are likely a candidate for KöR. Even if you struggle with periodontal disease or another oral health concern, you will probably still qualify after appropriate care. Often, dentists recommend traditional whitening only for adults, but KöR is appropriate for patients age 14 to 90 – and above! In fact, younger patients often enjoy the greatest benefits.

The Only Successful Way to Eliminate Internal Stains

Standard teeth whitening can only eliminate external stains. This type of discoloration usually develops because dark-colored food and drink leave molecules attached to dental enamel. Coffee, red wine, and tea are common causes of external stains. On the other hand, traditional whitening cannot eliminate internal discoloration. Dark tetracycline stains appear because of certain medications. Infection can also cause a tooth to darken from the inside. KöR is the only whitening option proven to remove tetracycline stains. By addressing both internal and external discoloration, this method can give you a truly spectacular smile.

How KöR Works

Your KöR whitening regimen will begin with impressions to make very well-fitting trays. Once fabricated, these trays will be used to seal the whitening product against your enamel and just as important, keep saliva from being introduced into the tray where it can destroy the whitening product. The goal here is to have a full 6-10 hour period of contact between the whitening gel and your enamel and is usually performed while you sleep. The result is a deep cleansing of the enamel, rejuvenating it and delivering truly amazing whiteness. Plan on a 2 week regimen for moderately stained teeth and up to 6-8 weeks of whitening for ultra-dark and tetracycline stained teeth. In either case, you will return to our office for one final in office power bleaching session to complete your treatment.

Why Choose KöR?

The number one reason to choose KöR Deep Bleaching is that unlike other products on the market, both the trays and whitening gel are produced under very strict guidelines. In fact, the whitener comes packed in dry ice and will only be shipped to us when we are in the office to accept it. This ensures a fresh and highly potent whitening gel for each and every case we do. Because of this, our patients consistently enjoy smiles that are between 6 and 10 shades lighter after treatment. In some cases, teeth can improve by more than 10 shades, thanks to the quality of the whitener and the comprehensive nature of this treatment. Furthermore, as mentioned above, it is the only documented way to remove tetracycline stains, contributing to the spectacular final results.

KöR is also suitable for a wide range of patients. Not only can teens undergo this treatment, individuals with sensitive teeth will typically qualify for KöR, as well. Unlike other products, your KOR kit will come with a desensitizer that is applied prior to each treatment. Along with their uniquely patented, low sensitivity whitening gel, this desensitizer will allow you to complete your treatments with little to no discomfort.

Maintaining Your Results

Another remarkable benefit of KöR is that with regular touchups, you should enjoy permanent results. You can even enjoy coffee, wine, tea, and similar things without worrying about their impact on your smile. Dr. Nack will discuss the most effective touch up regimen for your case at the completion of treatment. Keep in mind that all touch up gels are custom ordered so that he can deliver the freshest and most potent product to you. Please plan ahead and order these a few weeks before needed.

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