Superior Dental Procedures for a Healthy, Functional, and Beautiful Smile

Dr. Gary Nack proudly performs a full range of dental procedures at our Holland, PA, practice. His primary emphasis is on your optimal dental health, especially since oral health conditions can impact overall physical wellness and quality of life. Dr. Nack offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Enhancing the look of your smile with state-of-the-art materials, he can improve your self-confidence and image.

Whether performing general, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Nack utilizes innovative technology. With high-tech instruments and tools, your treatment will be faster, more precise, and more comfortable than you may imagine.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of our most popular cosmetic treatments, largely because they can achieve an instant and sweeping transformation in the quality of your smile. Made of ultra-thin porcelain, veneers are nonetheless quite strong and durable. Dr. Nack will bond them to the front of your teeth. There, they can conceal a host of esthetic imperfections. Veneers can improve the shape of your teeth, mask slight misalignment, and give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Dental Crowns

When teeth have large fillings, Dr. Nack may suggest dental crowns. Unlike a veneer which only covers the front of a tooth, a crown covers all sides of a tooth to the gum line. It will strengthen the tooth while providing an esthetically pleasing, long-lasting restoration. Thus, it can perform both cosmetic and restorative functions. Based on the crown’s location in your mouth, Dr. Nack may recommend full zirconia, porcelain fused to zirconia, or an all-ceramic crown.

KöR® Deep BleachingTM

KöR Deep Bleaching is a revolutionary teeth whitening method and the only treatment proven to remove tetracycline stains. KöR combines in-office and take-home whitening. With this across-the-board approach, it can achieve remarkable results. Using KöR, we have seen dramatic improvement in tooth shades, consistently in the 6-10 shade range, with some cases a staggering 10+ shades lighter. Further, with regular touchups, the results are typically permanent.

Bonding and Contouring

Like veneers, bonding can conceal flaws, close gaps, and reshape your teeth. Unlike veneers that are laboratory fabricated from porcelain, this procedure is performed free-hand directly in the mouth using composite tooth colored materials.

If one or more teeth have minor shape discrepancies, Dr. Nack can perform dental contouring. During this procedure, he will reshape your teeth, creating a more pleasing appearance. When necessary, he may remove small amounts of tooth structure to achieve the results you desire. As an added benefit, with this procedure, you will not usually require local anesthesia!

Your gums are the frame around your beautiful smile so as part of the contouring process, Dr. Nack may reshape your gum-line to enhance your overall appearance. Along with any necessary changes to the shape of your teeth, gum contouring will resolve the following issues resulting in a properly proportioned beautiful smile:

  • Teeth that appear short due to excess gum tissue
  • Teeth that appear to have even edges but uneven gum-lines
  • Smile Upgrade cases where all teeth visible in your smile will be treated

In only a few minutes, Dr. Nack can make dramatic improvements to your smile. He will most often use our Picasso® laser, resulting in instant results with minimal to no discomfort and decreased healing time.

Implant Dentistry

Experts agree that dental implants have become the primary choice for tooth replacement. Implants are conservative in that they don’t involve other teeth in the replacement process. They are the only means to replace a single missing tooth without involving the adjacent teeth. In a nutshell, dental implants can restore your tooth the way Mother Nature planned it, single and flossable. Once these titanium posts are placed in your jaw, they will fuse permanently with the bone. Following your complete recovery, Dr. Nack can attach a crown, bridge, or denture.


If you have minor orthodontic issues, or if your front teeth are crooked but the overall alignment of your bite is healthy, Dr. Nack can provide personalized care. Whenever possible, he will recommend Invisalign® because this treatment uses clear, comfortable, and virtually undetectable aligner trays. In other cases, he may provide traditional fixed braces, which use archwires to slowly guide teeth into new positions. In select cases, he may suggest a retainer or other removable appliance. These various treatments can have great benefits for your appearance and overall health, reducing your risk for periodontal disease and fractured or worn teeth.

Periodontal Care

Gum disease is one of the most common health conditions in the United States, and it is responsible for as much as 70% of adult tooth loss. Even more alarmingly, it will affect your jawbone, and the bacteria can enter your blood stream. In this way, the condition can increase your risk for heart attack, stroke, and pregnancy complications. Gum disease often does not manifest any symptoms until the condition is in the more advanced stages. We offer regular periodontal exams to detect the earliest symptoms and provide appropriate treatment. Regular dental hygiene, both at home and in the office, is the most effective way to prevent gum disease.

Oral Cancer

Dr. Nack has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer. Accordingly, he understands that early detection is vital in the successful treatment of the disease. He feels that a traditional clinical examination is still the best way to evaluate for and diagnose oral cancer. If he finds a suspicious lesion during his examination, he may recommend a brush biopsy using the OralCDx® brush biopsy system. Alternatively, he may perform a surgical biopsy to take a tissue sample. In either case there is little to no discomfort associated with the procedure. Timely diagnosis and treatment can often arrest oral cancer and save your life.

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