Our Innovative Technology Makes Your Care More Efficient and Accurate Than Ever

Dr. Gary Nack is committed to providing the safest, most comfortable, and most accurate care possible. That is why he offers state-of-the-art dental technology at his Holland, PA, practice. Advanced digital x-rays can produce incredibly sharp images of your teeth and bones. With these pictures, Dr. Nack can make earlier, more accurate diagnoses. During routine exams, he can also use ultramodern cavity detection systems to diagnose dental decay in the most easily treatable stages. Our Picasso® soft tissue laser makes periodontal care and gingival contouring much faster and more comfortable. Thanks to his ongoing education, Dr. Nack knows the most effective ways to use this technology. Through these tools and his personalized approach, you will be able to play an active role in your own dental care.

CariVuTM and DIANOGdentTM Cavity Detection

Dr. Nack is so committed to diagnosing dental decay early on that he offers not one but two cavity detection systems. DEXIS CariVu uses infrared light to reveal decay, small cracks, and similar damage that might otherwise be undetectable. DIAGNOdent is a small, portable laser unit that can find cavities, producing an audible signal and a numerical readout to give an idea of their size.

With these two systems, Dr. Nack can often stop decay in its infancy. In the past, cavities would have to be significantly larger before he could find and treat them. Just like other areas of medicine and dentistry, early detection and treatment can help to preserve your oral and physical health.

Digital X-Rays

While CariVu and DIAGNOdent will help us to diagnose cavities in your teeth, dental x-rays are still “our eyes” for seeing a majority of the issues that arise in-between your teeth and in the bone that supports them. Our office follows principles of ALARA. This is an acronym for “As Low As Reasonably Achievable.” Our digital x-ray machines are calibrated as necessary to keep them fine tuned. This translates to sharper images with less radiation exposure for our patients. Furthermore our staff is highly trained in capturing the images accurately, the first time, to reduce retakes and additional exposure. Digital x-rays offer unparalleled benefits over traditional radiographs: they’re convenient, safe for the environment, and provide a great opportunity for patient education. It is also easy to copy and transfer them for future reference or to give them to a specialist. Best of all, they are safer than traditional x-rays because they involve significantly less radiation exposure.

Picasso® Diode Laser

Our office puts patient comfort at the forefront of all procedures. With that in mind, we proudly use our Picasso diode laser to perform many treatments that previously required scalpels, sutures, and longer healing times. With this state-of-the-art technology, we can often shorten your recovery and reduce or eliminate the need for anesthesia. Among other things, this tool is especially beneficial in

  • Performing gingival contouring to create that near-perfect smile
  • Removing various oral lesions and performing biopsies to test for oral cancer
  • Releasing tongue ties (ankyloglossia) and muscle attachments that cause gum recession
  • Treating ulcers, cold sores, and root sensitivity

A Close-Up Point of View

We want you to be completely involved in making important decisions about your treatment. At your initial visit we will take digital photos of your mouth. We will use these images to help in diagnosis and to present your treatment options. If we detect any cause for concern during an exam, we may use our handheld intraoral camera to capture a picture on a TV monitor. That way, we can discuss it with you and thoroughly explain the problem using an accurate visual aid. Seeing exactly what we see, you will be able to choose the procedures that are right for you!

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Our innovative tools may make our dental care the best you’ve ever had. To learn more about our technology and how it can improve your oral health, contact our office today.